Hello! Gosh I love quilting. Every – single – thing about it. Dreaming of a quilt, choosing a pattern, selecting fabric, taking it home and looking at it. Stacking the fabric. Fanning the fabric out. Stacking it again. Then the ironing… the cutting… onto sewing, (sometimes “unsewing”). Soon blocks are finished, rows completed, and the quilt ready to be quilted! To be honest, that’s usually where I start since I’m finishing customers quilts mostly!

However, this little sweetie I did from start to finish for a special friend that I met, of all places, a college football game. A stadium with 58,000 people and our paths crossed. She and her husband sat in the isle seats to our row, they had seats 1 and 2 we had 5 and 6. We mainly began our friendship with “excuse me”, or “here we are” with a hearty “Go Ducks”!  Our friendship quickly progressed to the high fives after a touchdown and always ending our time together with a smile and “See you next game!” – not an overly deep friendship but very friendly and definitely warm.

That was over 10 years ago. You know, I had no idea what they did in between games or seasons until a few years ago I heard of the challenges they were dealing with. Eric had brain cancer. A strong handsome man with a ready smile – loved by all. This part of the story ends with millions of wonderful gathered memories of a man took to soon, one that made a positive impression on everyone he encountered.

Last November, the last game of the season, Michelle learned that I was a quilter – she said she had a project that maybe I could do for her… and so it began. Months passed, then a BIG heavy box arrived with lots of t-shirts and one that was in a bag of its own… It was a special one that she wanted made into a baby blanket for a very close friend of theirs. Pink and Red were her only suggestions…