Teal Star by Melissa Hoffman of FiddleStitches



The biggest question, right? Like many long arm quilters, I’ve used a simple (ha) metric system with the length times the width times the type of quilting… but found there was time spent on doing things that didn’t fit into that equation.

  • Like oops, these borders are sort of wonky
  • My goodness this quilt seems to be off
  • Correcting the backing that needs to be squared
  • Realizing design running time can be different depending on scale and intensity of pattern
  • Custom quilts that require multiple thread changes, dropping belts to do freehand fill

Hopefully you’re understanding my thought pattern here. Solution? I have an hourly rate (like a plumber, but not that much!) hourly charge is $40.00. At the end of the day, its very close to that metric system but a lot less math!


  • Attach your prepared binding $.10 per inch
  • Cut, sew and attach binding to quilt $.15 per inch (with fabric you provide)
  • Cut, sew, attach and hand stitch to back of quilt $.25 per inch


Seam backing $10.00 per seam, $20.00 per seam if pattern needs to be matched or if its Minkie.

Please email me at melissa@fiddlestitches.com or phone 503.577.3811 to arrange a day and time to look at your quilt top and discuss design options. I can give you a very close idea to what your cost would be. Let’s talk soon!